About Us

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JGoutdoors was started by Josh Greentree and Jessica Greentree out of our home in Michigan. We took our love for the outdoors and wanted to pass it on to the rest of the world. We realized that it took a  lot for a family to go camping properly, as well as being quite expensive. So we are trying to bring the outdoors to you at a better price and give you a better experience than what you have had at any other outdoor store that you have dealt with in the past. We want to make sure that you the customer are always taken care of and get what you are wanting for a great price.


Here at JGoutdoors we strive to be the best outdoor store in every market that we serve.

“We are only doing our job properly when we create an experience for which the customer returns to do business with us again.”

Company Values

Honesty: Truthful at all times.

Empathy: Ability to understand another’s position.

Respect: To show consideration or honor for another.

Work Ethic: Drive and effort to meet or exceed expectations.

Integrity: Being of sound moral principle, trustworthy and sincere.

Pride: Sense of self-worth, knowing we make a difference in people’s lives.

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